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Since you are here, read the parameters to obtain an optimal final product in terms of image. Fill out the form, upload the image, add it to the cart, and that's it! The rest counts for our part!

Your loyalty will be rewarded; visit our site for good products, printing quality, less delivery time and valuable gifts.



RESOLUTION Formats: the files are vectorized for a better resolution of printing on the fabric. You can send us the file . AI, .EPS, .PNG, .JPEG or .PDF


The resolution of 300 psi is much better. We need editable formats to improve print quality. The colours are from the CMYK range since their fidelity with the accurate colour is more remarkable.

RETOUCHES: Images, logos, pictures, or sketches will be retouched as long as the client wishes. For this, there will be an increase, and this will be according to the time worked.

REQUEST: any change or recommendation by us will be notified the same day. Remove background costs $7, or a custom size costs $8.

PAYMENT: To ensure the impression, you must pay for half the total value (we accept any payment method). The price may vary due to printing policies or design issues.





These design have printed in DTF Printer

We make shipments to all parts of Canada and international

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, E-transfer, Cash or ApplePay

Contact us at any time, either by phone or email

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