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I Had Left My Heart In A Soccer Game

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

This is my story of how a congenital malformation almost took me out of a final!

My name is Pablo, and I want to share in this space a short story of how my heart fought in a soccer match. It all started when I was on the university team; around those days, I suffered from a slight anomaly in my heart that only allowed me to play for a certain amount of time. I want to clarify that although it was not fatal, it did incapacitate me. The issue is that we reached the final against one of the strongest universities, and at that time, being a striker, I had to work hard to break the tie we had. Unfortunately, I couldn't play the whole game, but part of it; I always played the last thirty minutes of each game

In the sixtieth minute of the second half, I entered the game with great enthusiasm, even more so with the friendship that all of us on the team had. I began to play slowly to avoid any shocks and thus be able to warm up. After seven minutes, I had the first opportunity, which went through the side of the goal. We were attacking considerably for fifteen minutes with pressure and tension, we were given a corner kick.The referee whistled the shot, the midfielder made a cross to the far post where I was, I ran forward to clear my mark, the ball went towards me with great speed went out without losing sight of the ball, I headed so that the ball embedded itself in the lower part of the post. I fell and everything went dark; I couldn't tell where I was, and the only thing I heard were screams until one of my friends hugged me, yelling, "we did it" then I understood that I had left my heart in that game.

It was a great feeling putting your heart out in the game. Although my team from Colombia didn't make it to the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, I am cheering for my fellow South American team. Nevertheless, soccer is always my favourite sport.

Written by: Pablo Duran