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1. Who are we?

Galemaz Company is focused on printing designs, photographs or logos on textile items such as t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, onesies, mugs, tumblers, scent candles, and tote bags. Additionally, we sell scented candles and musical plaques (Spotify Code). We are focused on two approaches; one is about the quality of each final product, and the second is about the community's loyalty.

We are a team that offers solutions to people looking for where to capture that idea or feeling to make it memorable. Precisely on our website, we handle two forms of printing; one is the own printing mode, and the other is for customization. The client can print on our products accordingly, following our rejection policies. See Reasons for Design Rejection.

2. Clarifications on Customization

2.1 First: customized items are non-refundable. The parameters must be clearly described simply because of the design or photograph you own. The idea is to avoid delays in both printing and delivery.

2.2 Second: the alteration of the customization service must be made within 8 hours after the payment to avoid problems with other clients within the printing and packaging chain. (We will clarify the whole operation through ways of contact before finalizing. Remember that the amount will not be refunded due to operational issues ).

2.3 Third: we usually have three working days to deliver the finished product (we do not count the shipping time since it is outsourced), except if the design is of complex formation. In that case, it will be considered for five working days; That is why we will contact the client. Companies: Canada Post, UPS, or DHL.

2.4 Fourth: the information within the site forms must be filled in clearly and precisely to avoid problems with printing time or customizations in progress.

Example: customize a t-shirt; size, the colour of the shirt, upload the image, position of the image (back or front), and the description of what you want to do with details and step by step to facilitate the customization process. Files: IA, SVG, PNG, JPEG, EPS and PDF.

3. Payments for customization

Payments must be made in advance to generate the impression and ensure both the time, the materials and the product so that there is no inconvenience.


3.1 Payment Methods: the available payment methods are Debit Cards, Credit Cards, PayPal, ApplePay, e-transfer and Cash. The currency we use is the Canadian dollar. These methods described above are only possible from our website


3.1.1 Credit/Debit Card: your financial services provider will automatically charge your credit/debit card. Your order will begin processing after all necessary verifications have been completed. The final transaction price may differ due to current exchange rates if your credit card or bank company uses a different currency. Therefore, we ask that you contact your payment provider for more information.

3.1.2 PayPal: the transaction will be processed by PayPal, a third-party financial service provider. It will be redirected to PayPal during the payment process, which will pay through PayPal. Your data will not be transferred to Galemaz Company. Once PayPal has completed verifications, your order will be processed. The invoice will be sent to the email registered with us.


3.1.3 Cash: if the payment is in cash, it can come to our facilities. In this case, the invoice will be delivered in person.


3.1.4 E-Transfer: if the contact was through social networks or by telephone, the transfer must be sent to (fees apply for electronic transfers between banks). The invoice will be delivered in person.


4. Galemaz Community


People registered in our community can have discounts on the customization of products and products from our virtual store.

  • At the end of the year, people subscribed to our community will have the opportunity to participate in a raffle to win a prize at the end (video game consoles, air tickets, computers, ticket shows and even more).

  • You can get gift cards (Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Indigo and more) for your loyalty.

5. Additions


Within Galemaz Company, we want to reward the loyalty of our customers. That is why we have three ways to reward them:

  • 10% discount on the following product after 11 purchases.

  • When it buys ten products, the TENTH product is free.

  • For purchases over $100, shipping is FREE.

  • If you make a referral, you will have a 20% discount on any product in the store.

  • You enter directly into the Annual Prize Raffle and will have a free code.

  • You will receive discount codes for special events (birthdays, mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or another special date).

6. Reasons for rejection


We can only accept designs that comply with quality policies where they attract potential clients. That is why we will reject the design if they meet any of these points:


6.1 Copyrights: the Galemaz Company makes prints on demand. 

Therefore we must respect the images or designs under the rule of intellectual property and more if they are downloaded from the internet under the domain of third parties.

Suppose we see that a design is under this standard. In that case, unfortunately, we cannot continue printing since we want to avoid having legal problems and the names of personalities under copyright.

6.2 Community Standards: within this section, respect is a fundamental factor within the community where we currently find ourselves. We want to remember that those designs that violate our policies or contain sensitive content will be rejected immediately, such as illegal content, hate speech, graphic violence or inappropriate phrases, such as pornographic images.


Our policies are linked to both the laws and rights in Canada.

7. Design Quality 


Galemaz Company is focused on offering quality designs that satisfy the wishes or tastes of our clients. Therefore, all designs have been selected to fulfill the client's needs. That is why a set of criteria has been defined for this purpose; these are:

  • The designs must have the agreed measurements for printing (each one must be cut according to the dimensions you need).

  • Make sure that each design or image has no background. However, you need another background colour; we ask that it be entirely visible.

  • Images below the specified range are not accepted; they will be pixelated and have clean and precise edges. (Get this information on pixelation requirements here.)

  • Print quality is directly proportional to the image quality you want to print. Otherwise, the quality of the product and your expectations will not be met.

  • Low contrast design will not look good in print, so submit a high contrast tone image as the intensity, where RGB is scaled, which is printable and will look the same on fabric.

  • If you submit vector designs, keep in mind that the image looks clear and has no rendering issues.

  • The prints are made by cutting for those vector images and exposed to heat to adhere them under the fabric and by swelling for colour printing, which is necessary to have an optimal idea for its quality.

  • The design will not be published if there are accidental typographical errors, so you can correct it and re-upload it to our site.

  • You can click on Galemaz Co.'s graphic service to learn more about optimizing your images.

8. Blog and Social Media:


Galemaz Company asks for a photograph of the client with our product on so we can upload it to our social networks and our blog on our website to inform our potential clients and know that the quality of the service is favourable for them. It is with the prior permission of the client.

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